• 15MAY

    Wednesday, May 16th


    Back Squat every 3 mins:

    * @100% of last weeks 4 rep
    * these should be heavy. Take 8-10 mins to warm upto the starting weight.


    5 rounds

    14 wallballs
    12 burpees
    10 Knees 2 elbows

    * 15 min cap
    * Any extra reps are added to your time
    *K2E must be to the elbow. An extra pull with the arms is required for the knees to make contact with elbows. MODs are knees to arms (below elbow) or knee to chest.


    Waiter carry/suitcase carry
    3x per arm
    Right arm waiter carry/left arm suitcase carry
    Then switch

    *Bus stop and back