• 29JUL

    Thursday, July 30

    Thursday July 30th
    Today’s workout is courtesy of Aerobic Capacity.

    Light jog for 5mins
    Then some basic warmup drills
    High kicks, butt kicks, hurdler stretch, leg swings, hamstring stretch

    2x1min at easy/moderate pace, 15 sec rest
    1min rest
    2x2min at easy/moderate pace, 30 sec rest
    2min rest
    2x3min at easy/moderate pace, 45 sec rest
    3min rest
    2x4min at easy/moderate pace, 60sec rest
    4min rest
    2x5min at easy moderate pace, 75sec rest

    Goal with this workout is to teach pacing.
    Perform on as flat as possible out and back course. Run the first interval out looking at your watch, rest the allotted time and then return back to your starting position without looking at your watch.
    The goal is to have both intervals the same speed.
    For example set 2
    Run 2mins out looking at your watch. At 2mins stop, rest 30secs and then start the 2mins back to your starting point. The goal is to finish + or – 2 secs. So 1:58-2:02 would be a good return time.