• 27JUN

    Friday, June 28

    Today we say goodbye to a true West10 legend. Escobar.

    Esco joined us 6 years ago, shortly after we opened. His name was Christian back then and he couldn’t clean or snatch that well, and his smoking prevented him from lasting longer than 2 minutes on any workout.

    A few months after he joined, we gave him the name Escobar and he’s been a legend in the gym ever since.

    We are sad to see Esco go but happy he gets to work closer to his family. West10 will always be grateful for having Escobar with us for so many years!


    3min EMOM (3 sets)
    Snatch grip sots press x 5 reps

    3min EMOM (3 sets)
    Tall snatch x 3 reps

    Every 2 minutes (8 sets):
1 Snatch + 1 ohs
    * 2sec pause in Bottom of snatch and bottom of ohs

    Set 1 @ 65%
    Set 2 @70%
    Set 3 @ 75%
    Set 4 @80%
    Set 5+6@85%
    Set 7+8@90%


    Thrusters 65/45

    * sets must be unbroken or start over st behind of set until completed unbroken
    * No dropping the bar
    * 10 min cap