• 09JAN

    Friday, January 10


    Part A.

    Every minute, on the minute, for 3 minutes (3 sets):
    Tall Snatch x 2 reps
    Followed by…
    Every minute, on the minute, for 4 minutes (4 sets):
    Snatch Balance x 1 rep

    * Building in weight, but don’t go heavier than you can comfortably and safely bring back down to your back rack.

    Part B

    Every 90 seconds, for 15 minutes (10 sets):
    Snatch with a 2 second pause in bottom x 1 rep @ 80-85%


    1:30 on/1:30 off
    12/10 cal row
    7 oh squats 95/65
    Remainder of time max pull-ups

    * Score is total pull-ups