• Recovery! The overlooked element of Fitness

    At first, it’s terrifying, intimidating, and maybe just preposterous. But after a few classes, you get it. You get why CrossFit is so addictive. You suddenly forget about the high-intensity WOD that had your body crying for serenity. The endorphin rush and sense of family and community have you yearning for more.
    There’s something to the cliche: too much of a good thing is never a good thing. It’s true. Overdulging in WODs needs to be harmonized with some recovery bliss.
    CrossFit is an addiction that you don’t want to kick; it’s an addiction you want to maximize the high with some adequate recovery. Muscle recovery is the most intelligent thing you can do for yourself if you want to see improvements and avoid injury. Recovery is an opportunity for your soft tissue to build and be stronger and perform better.
    Overtraining will hinder your progress, and distress your overall health and wellness.

  • Muscle Milk is in the House!

    Muscle Milk will be in the house tomorrow evening, handing out post WOD shakes to members.

  • The Launch of The West10 Blog!

    The Box is officially 1 month old tomorrow, and already many great moments have taken place on the battle floor of CrossFit West10. We already have tallied 2 names on the pukie board, have seen an onslaught of PR’s and have scared the neighbors with our kettlebell army running savage around the block during Saturday Awesomeness. We are extremely pumped with the incredible people coming through our doors and joining our growing community, and look forward to some legendary memories ahead.
    “Bring a Friend Day” is happening this Saturday at 11am. If you have a friend who keeps telling you how intense there “Insanity” workouts are, please bring them and show them what a real workout feels like :)
    *Reminder to Members- Please remember to RSVP and track your WOD scores using WODHopper on our website. Click here for details on how to do this –> http://www.crossfitwest10.com/get-started-rsvp-and-wod-tracking/