• Monday, June 17th

    CrossFit Community:Together We Suffer.
    CrossFit champions strength and conditioning training, and also campaigns community building –local and global. But all too often the latter can be shadowed by other priorities.

    I was ready to quit after my first 101 session in January 2013. I was embarrassed for myself and the coach. I was embarrassed for misrepresenting the CrossFit community. I was way too unfit (barely lifted the 15lb training bar and nearly passed out post session), and socially reserved for this. This West10 crew was awfully friendly and compassionate. Aren’t athletes typically snobby and judgemental?

  • Saturday, June 15th

    Charissa is riding in The Ride to Conquer Cancer! Good luck Charissa!
    Mobility Class @ 9am
    W.O.D: Saturday Surprise

  • Friday, June 14th

    In celebration of one of West10′s original members, James “Fran” Franchuk, we present…

    “Heavy Franchuk”


    Thrusters (135/ 95#)

    Strict Chin Ups

    Midline: 3×8 Weighted GHD Raises