• Thursday, July 2

    Track Day – Aerobic Capacity Workout

    No in gym or zoom class but a 5pm squat trivia challenge


    Light jog for 5mins
    Then some basic warmup drills
    High kicks, butt kicks, hurdler stretch, leg swings, hamstring stretch


    5 sets
    150m fast sprint
    400m easy recovery jog
    2mins rest between sets


    The 150m are to be performed at 92%,94%,96%,98%,100% of Max Effort intensity. Each interval has a flying start meaning the interval will start 5 steps before the 150m start line allowing you to reach top intended speed

  • Tuesday, June 30


    Front Squat
    Every 90secs for 5 rounds
    3 front squats
    Increasing weight over sets


    21 back squats 135/95
    21 pull-ups
    15 front squats 135/95
    15 c2b (15 pull-ups)
    9 thrusters 135/95
    9 bar mu’s (9 c2b or 9 pull-ups)

    * Time cap 12mins

  • Monday, June 29


    Bench Press
    Every 90secs for 5 rounds
    3 bench press
    Increasing weight over sets


    Every 2:00 for 5 rounds:
    200m run
    8 box jumps 30/24
    Remainder of time max hasp’s