• Wednesday, June 3


    Every 90secs for 5 sets
    3 strict press+3 push press+3 push jerk
    This will be limited by your strict press so take the time on push press and push jerk to focus on technique and dropping under the bar


    10min AMRAP
    10 front rack Back step lunges (5/side) 115/75lbs
    10 box jumps (jump up, step down)
    * Every min on the min 4 t2b

    ** Mod for t2b is knees to chest or v-sits

    ** Remember to be kind to yourself in these first few weeks back to the gym. We have given a suggested weight for lunges but this does not need to be used. Also step-ups are a great alternative if you haven’t been jumping fairly regularly over the last 2.5 months.

  • Monday June 1


    Every 90secs for 5sets
    3 deadlifts/3 hang clean/3 front squat

    * We will not be going heavy today. This is a chance to start moving a barbell again. Goal is to move well and ease back into weights


    7min AMRAP
    7 wallballs
    7 ring rows
    7 burpees

  • Monday, April 20

    CrossFit class Mon-Fri 9:30am/5pm class
    As well as the postpartum/women’s classes Tue/Thur-1:15, Sun-10 Cost:$10

    See you there!

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